2020 Workshops

We offered a fully virtual conference in 2020 and all of the workshops were recorded. Please click the workshop title below to view the recording.

1. Schools & Sports Have Re-Opened - What Have We Learned?

2. Where Do We Go from Here Regarding Corona Crisis and Education-Based Athletics?

3. Building an Appropriate Culture in Your Department

4. How do I Administer Alone or with Limited Staff

5. 10 Things Every New AD Should Know for Ultimate Effectiveness

6. Latest Trends in Technology

7. Pre-Season Parent Meeting Suggestions

8. Coaching your Coaches

9. The Leadership Benefits of Captain's Councils

10. Going Beyond the Playing Field: Utilizing Student Interns

11. The Impact of Servant Leadership

12. Controlling Fan Behavior at ALL Athletic Contests

13. A Model for Outreach, Engagement & Development of Female Interscholastic Athletic Administrators

14. Mental Health of High School Athletes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

15. The COVID-19 Crisis and Student-Athlete Anxiety

16. Written or Oral CMAA Project, Which One is the Best Fit for You?

17. Latest in Esport

18. Not available

19. Useful Apps for the Athletic Office

20. Improving School Spirit from the Perspective of the Director of Athletics

21. Ways to Find Quality Coaches for Those Hard to Fill Positions

22. How to Evaluate the Knowledge of Coaching Matter When Hiring

23. Management of the Carry Over Effects of COVID-19 on Coaching Staff Challenges

24. NCAA Eligibility

25. Pre and Post Season Coaches Evaluation Meeting

26. Budget Ideas to Help Do More with Less

27. Empowering Minority Interscholastic Athletic Administrators of School Based Sports Programs

28. Good, Bad and Ugly of Social Media and Student Athletes

29. Ideas for Recognition of Your Coaches

30. Raising the Middle School Athletic Director As a Leader

31. Organizational Tips for the Director of Athletics

32. Quality Communication Through Relationships, Technology & Presentation

33. Strength in Athletic Handbooks for Teams, Coaches & Parents

34. Improving Title IX Compliancy and Your Responsibilities

35. Balancing the Life of the Athletic Administrator

36. Trends in Modern Athletic Facilities