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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for my registration with a PO?

We do not accept POs as a form of payment. Credit card is the only form of payment accepted.

I want to take the CAA or CIAA Exam. What do I need to do?

You can view all of the information regarding the exam at the conference by clicking on Professional Development and then scrolling to Certification.

Are meals provided at this conference?

Meals are not regularly provided, but they will be available at these events as part of your ticket:

  • Regular Attendee:

    • NFHS Awards Luncheon

    • NIAAA Awards Banquet

    • "Talking & Trading" II

  • Retired Attendee:

    • Retired Breakfast

    • "Talking & Trading" II

Future Conference Dates

December 13-17, 2024                                           

Austin, Texas

Austin Convention Center


December 12-16, 2025

Tampa, Florida

Tampa Convention Center

Conference Gift

​To help with your planning, this year's conference gift will be a Cutter & Buck quarter-zip!

Make sure to pick up your gift in the Exhibit Hall!




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