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2022 Workshops

Below are our workshops from the 2022 National Conference. Click each one to access a PowerPoint presented with the workshop.

  1. Building Culture Through Positive Leadership 

  2. Addressing Student Behaviors During Contests 

  3. Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) Legal Update 

  4. Preparing for Difficult Conversations

  5. Methods for Encouraging Participation and Retention in Girls Sports 

  6. Meeting the Challenges of a Middle School Athletic Administrator

  7. Working with Differences Between School Staff Coaches 

  8. International - Student-Athlete Leadership 

  9. Increasing Multi-Sport Athlete Participation 

  10. Promoting Leadership Among Your Coaches 

  11. Life and Work Balance for the Athletic Administrator 

  12. Hot Topics in Sports Medicine

  13. Restoring Civility to Athletics 

  14. Mentoring Coaches for Character 

  15. Awareness and Legally Addressing a Racial Incident Associated with Athletics 

  16. NCAA Eligibility Update for Division I, II, and III 

  17. Essential Legal Duties for Directors of Athletics & Their Coaching Staff Members 

  18. Professional Development for Your Coaching Staff

  19. Using Social Media Effectively in Your Athletic Department

  20. Struggling, Stressing, Striving - Mental Health Strategies for Athletic Administrators 

  21. Game Management - Some Tricks Athletic Directors Use to Assist on Game Day 

  22. Adding New Sports Programs and Maintaining Participation

  23. The Role of Resilience, Perseverance, and Grit 

  24. International - Managing Change: Balancing Traditions with Moderation 

  25. Developing Student Leaders through Athletic Councils

  26. Positively Promoting Your Athletic Department 

  27. Emergency Action Plans - Preparing for the Unexpected

  28. Establishing a Championship Culture Along with School Support 

  29. Planning Pre-Season Meetings for Athletes and Parents - Education Based Philosophy 

  30. Improving Your Coaches Through Evaluation Using an Education-Based Process 

  31. Free and Recent Technology to Improve the Athletic Administrator 

  32. How to Have Difficult Conversations with Parents

  33. Supporting Student Mental Health 

  34. Handling Parent Expectations in a Positive Manner 

  35. Crowd and Conflict Management at Contests 

  36. When is it Time to Remove a Coach?

  37. Recruiting and Retaining Female Coaches

  38. Leading an Education-Based Athletic Program 

  39. Title IX in Theory and Practice 

  40. The CMAA Certification Process: Written, Oral, or QPA, Which Path Fits your Strengths 

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